A downloadable game for Windows

RAUG -> A 2D Fast Paced Reaction Runner.



Use arrow keys to control the character. 

-Left and Right arrow performs dash.

-Up and Down arrow keys perform Jump and Fast Drop, respectively. Also while jump maintain Up arrow key pressed to Glide.



For each level the player must be able to complete in the fastest way possible.

Every level has a Par Time and depending on on fast the player can complete the level they will get more points for it.

Of course, levels have obstacles. With each hit player receives a penalty in their completion time while also reducing speed.

Since this is a fast paced game, obstacles will appear very fast at you. To help be with ears wide open towards the audio inputs for what you should be doing.

Good luck out there Runners!


Non-Gameplay Stuff

Feel free to post screenshots of your time so I can record a leaderboard for the future.

Also comment on bugs, gameplay flaws and whatever more you want.


About me

Hello everyone Bernardo "Villaroux" Valverde. I hail from Portugal. I've been starting to get into game design/game developing since last year. Did a few games in Construct and now I'm starting to gravitate towards Unity.

This project took me about 2-3 months. I know its not the best thing in the world but I'm mostly looking out for input of my fellow enthusiasts and colleagues in this platform. Any thing you can teach me will make me a happy camper. Although every one hates campers in general.

Hopefully I'll get back to you guys with more games.

See ya!

Bernardo "Villaroux" Valverde

Install instructions

Just download and hit that .exe file twice.


Raug.rar 21 MB

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